A Columbus Day Picnic and Sailing Party

There is a huge mistake on the trip he took Christopher Columbus to North America in 1492 and the meaning behind Columbus Day, celebrated on 12 October in the U.S., Spain and Italy. Christopher Columbus and his crew are known to reach the New World. Legend has it that the journey for which celebrates Columbus Day resulted in the discovery of North America. Today, America had been discovered. What did Christopher Columbus makes Columbus Day a special time of celebration for the Spanish and living in America is that the trip was the first interaction between the two worlds. Therefore, Columbus Day is celebrated in Spain and America.

Since Columbus Day is a holiday in most places, the celebration can last all day. If there is a local Columbus Day parade, the celebrations could begin. A celebration of Columbus Day is a perfect outdoor event, with time permitting. This party is the one with the best of both worlds, the U.S. and Latin America. To keep alive the spirit of the journey, you may consider food service similar to those that were eaten by Christopher Columbus and his crew. The staple food for the crew member included fish, nuts, raisins, cheese, rice and molasses. You can create multiple trays of appetizers, sandwiches as well as small and lay them on the picnic tables.

In keeping with the spirit of the explorations of Christopher Columbus, a party to celebrate Columbus Day should offer a boat trip. While the cost varies by area, for about $ 150 you can probably rent a sailboat, with a captain for two hours. If you own a sailboat is ready to hit the water and make your own exploratory voyage.